Best 10 Things to Do in Leadville, CO during Summer

Best 10 Things to Do in Leadville, CO during Summer

1. Take a Hike!

Leadville offers everything from beginner to expert level hiking. There are four 14,000 ft. mountains in the area if you're looking for a challenge. (Remember to get out early for your best chance to summit.) Here are a few of our our favorite hikes:

Easy: Clinton Gulch Resevoir

Moderate: Hagerman Tunnel Trail

Difficult: Mt. Sherman and Mt. Elbert

Leadville Colorado Hike

Photo taken at the base of Mt. Sherman Trail Head from Iowa Gulch.

2. Bike the Mineral Belt Trail

The Mineral Belt Trail is an 11.6 mile paved trail that loops around Leadville, through its historic mining district. The trail's setting is quintessentially Colorado Rocky Mountain landscape.

3. Paddle Board Twin Lakes

You can rent paddle boards at Twin Lakes SUP & Cycle. It's a great activity for the whole family, even dogs! Make sure you reserve them in advance on busy weekends! While your in Twin Lakes, make a day of it! Fish, sit on the beach, hike picnic... it's one of the best views in Colorado!

paddle board twin lakes

4. Take a Scenic Ride on the Leadville Train

Take a 2.5 hour ride through Leadville's stunning surroundings. The tour goes above tree line so don't forget your coat! (You can also bring your dog!!!)

5. Grab Dinner on the Rooftop at Treeline Kitchen

Eat an amazing meal while looking out at 14,000 foot mountains in the heart of Leadville. It's our favorite spot!

6. Visit the fish hatchery

Observe and feed the trout while learning about conservation efforts. There are short trails to stocked ponds where you can see the trout in their natural habitat.


7. Zip line

Enjoy the views from the air. You can even soar over the Leadville Train!

zip line Leadville CO

8. Tour the Tabor Opera House

Explore Leadville's history with a tour of the Opera House, and imagine how it looked in 1879. Trust us, it's epic!

Tabor Opera Leadville

9. Take a Rafting Day Trip

Leadville is located in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, where thousands of visitors come every year to experience the country’s best rafting. No river has better whitewater than the Arkansas! There are lots of amazing companies to choose from.

Leadville rafting

10. Explore the Rocky Mountains in a UTV

You will drive past abandoned gold mines in your very own UTV while following a professional guide. Leadville ATV Tours provides you with the chance to be guided to over 12,000ft of elevation into the Rockies with stunning mountain views.
ATV Leadville

11. Visit Us at Elevation Goods!!

Ok, I know we said 10 things. But you've got to walk around historic Harrison Ave! There are lots of wonderful shops including Elevation Goods. We can't wait to see you this summer!

Elevation Goods

Ok, that's a pretty good round up. But, believe it or not, that's not all! You can also golf the highest golf course: Take a spa day at Nourish. Take a Scenic drive over Independence Pass. The options are endless!

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