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Have you hit the powder at Ski Cooper?

Given that Leadville's elevation is over 10,000, the winter months bring plenty of the white stuff. Fortunately, Ski Cooper and all of us stand to benefit! If you're tired of the regular resorts, or seeking to ski part of history, come up to Ski Cooper. You'll leave with a season pass!

Ski Cooper's History

Ski Cooper's origins date back to World War II. In 1942, the U.S. Army selected a training site near an isolated railroad stop in Pando, Colorado. There, Camp Hale was built as the training site for the famed 10th Mountain Division. Chosen for its proximity to rail transportation, the rugged mountain terrain, and the 250-inch average annual snow fall, Cooper Hill ensured many months of training for the ski troopers.

Following several years of training, the 10th Mountain Division was ordered to deploy to Italy in 1945 to support the war efforts. The 10th Mountain Division breached the supposedly impregnable Gothic Line in the Appenines and secured the Po River Valley to play a vital role in the liberation of northern Italy. By the time of the German surrender in May, 1945, 992 ski troopers had been killed in action and 4,000 wounded, the highest casualty rate of any U.S. Division in the Mediterranean.

Following the war, Ski Cooper was opened to public. Known for its authenticity, Ski Cooper boasts the softest snow in Colorado, with terrain to excite everyone from the most advance to just strapping up for the first time. Unlike some of the "other" resorts, Ski Cooper takes your visit personally. Smiles abound, it's hard to find hospitality like that of Ski Cooper in today's world. There are 59 trails serviced by 5 lifts, spanning 470 lift-served acres. Snowcat skiing tours open up around 2,600 acres of wide open powder bowls and glades. With an average annual snowfall over 250 inches, coupled with unique grooming practices that differ from their neighbors, the snow stays light and fluffy. All at a price that's affordable for the family. Oh, and the lift lines...nothing to complain about there either. Now, what are you waiting for? Skip the lines, skip the crowds, and skip the pretense.

We'll be here at Elevation Goods with the best Colorado made goods when you're off the slopes so stop by and carry on my friends!

Learn more at Ski Cooper's website: https://www.skicooper.com/

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