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Colorado Pine Cone Syrup

Colorado Pine Cone Syrup

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Mugolio is a time-honored and cherished traditional culinary art from the European Alps & other Eurasian Highland cultures in which immature pine cones are steeped in cane sugar (or honey or molasses) for at least 3 weeks and often up to a year! 

The result is a boldy sweet, lightly fermented, not at all tannic, fruity syrup with notes of classic bubble gum & lemon-lime, vanilla, cinnamon & cola.

 Every pine species is unique, and our Summit County Colorado Lodgepole Pines yield a syrup that takes the taster for a gustatory journey from instantly sweet and high notes of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves before the spicy notes kick a short blast of heat before the bolder sweetness arrives and leaves the tongue and the entire mouth with the undeniably delightful tingle of Umami.

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