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Lavender Honey Caramels

Lavender Honey Caramels

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Infused with Organically grown lavender petals, experience this one-of-a kind caramel with the fragrant notes of lavender and vanilla. Be transported to fields of lavender growing under the warm Mediterranean summer sun. This luscious amber honey sweetened caramel, rich and toasted, coats the tongue for a moment of decadent bliss. 

A farmers market favorite, freshly made with local honey, our extra creamy caramels are sprinkled with pink salts harvested from an ancient ocean in Utah.  

These decadent caramels are 100% honey sweetened (no added sugars, syrups or junk) and won’t stick in your teeth. 

Ingredients: Wildflower and Alfalfa Honey, *Organic Cream, *Organic Butter, *Organic Sunflower Lecithin, *Organic Lavender Flowers, Utah Pink Salt

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