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Natural Potpourri Sachet

Natural Potpourri Sachet

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Bring a natural, crisp aroma to any of your home’s nooks or crannies with our vintage style sachets. Ideal for closets, bathrooms or drawers, these potpourri sachets are a pleasant touch sure to brighten any space. 

The lovely muslin bag is printed with a French-style script and decorative border. Each bag is run through our 1930's Chandler and Price letterpress, providing a sophisticated yet one-of-a-kind printing. 

Each handheld sachet is about 2 1/2” x 3 3/4" with pull ties.

LavenderFilled with fragrant lavender potpourri, this sachet can also be tossed in the dryer with damp clothes to freshen your next load of laundry. If you have sensitive skin or allergies to chemicals found in traditional dryer sheets, our all natural, non-toxic lavender floral sachet is the perfect solution. 

CedarPerfect for closets, drawers or garment bags, our cedar sachet offers a refreshing scent that will bring the woods inside, without the mud or bugs. Filled with cedar wood chips and shavings, this sachet is reminiscent of an evergreen tree or being near a log cabin. Rugged yet refreshing, this sachet is also a natural moth repellent. 

Lavender & CedarPerfect for closets, drawers or even your bedside table, our lavender & cedar sachet is a timeless comfort sure to inspire relaxation and serenity. Our blend of lavender and cedar offers a balanced floral yet woodsy scent. Filled with cedar wood chips and fragrant lavender petals, this sachet is also a natural moth repellent. Our lavender & cedar sachet is non-toxic and family friendly, too.

RosePerfect for closets, drawers or bathrooms, our rose sachet offers a floral-fresh scent that will leave your space enchanted with this classic fragrance. Our rose sachets are all natural, non-toxic and family friendly, too! Filled with dried rose petals and buds, this sachet offers the timeless yet distinctly romantic scent of rose. Rose has been used in aromatherapy for generations to turn any space into a sanctuary. Promote relaxation in a delicate, subtle way by keeping a bowl of these sachets in your bedroom or guest room. 

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