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Skiing Adventure Wildflower Card

Skiing Adventure Wildflower Card

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Elevate your holiday greetings with our Skiier Wildflower Seed Card, a perfect blend of festive wishes and eco-consciousness. Celebrate the season with a touch of green and grow lasting memories. This skier card not only spreads holiday cheer but also offers recipients the joy of nurturing their wildflower garden. Share your warm wishes while contributing to a greener world.

- Size: 4.25" x 5.5"
- Blank Inside: Personalize with your heartfelt message.
- Envelope: Included, matching the card's theme.
- Wildflower Seed Paper: Infused with a blend of wildflower seeds.
- Plantable: Once used, it transforms into vibrant wildflowers.
- Sustainable: Crafted from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials.
- Compostable Sleeve: Each card includes a compostable poly sleeve.
- Backing Card: Features planting instructions for easy use.


Steamboat Springs, CO

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